Welcome to the instructor website for English 110, the introduction to college writing at QC. This is the site where you’ll find resources to help you teach English 110.  The site will grow over time, so you’ll want to bookmark it and use it as a reference source for syllabi, lesson plans, and links to faculty resources.

We’ve expanded this site significantly as we’ve shifted to online teaching.  Building on the emergency-driven pedagogies we developed in the spring of 2020, we’ve spent the summer developing a more thoughtful approach to teaching writing and literature online. If that’s what you’re here to find, you might want to begin on the “policies” and “general resources” pages. Under “assignments,” there are also some suggestions for how to revise your assignment sequence to teach English 110 online.

We’ll post more resources all over the site in the weeks and months to come, and we’ll keep you posted about new developments.

We’ll be interested to know, too, what you’d like to see here, so let the directors of First Year Writing know when you have thoughts about other ways that this site could support your faculty development.

More general information about teaching at QC is available in the updated The Other Side of the Desk, which is the handbook developed by First Year Writing for part-time faculty in the English Department.

First Year Writing is Annmarie Drury, Gloria Fisk, Amy Wan, and Chris Williams.





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